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Rae Wyatt

"If there were 10 stars she would get them! Kate is not only creative, patient, and brilliant, but one of the nicest people I have had the opportunity to work with!
She took my idea and ran with it, my first website. A really big deal in my life and made me feel as though I was the most important project in her world.

I have had SO many compliments on my web site!!! Hands down, she will forever have my business and anyone who sits next to me at a party!!


Susan Coffin

CEO Rae Wyatt

NY Workplace

"The site she made is so bleeding edge that it’s going to give me an advantage when competing in the most competitive market In the country."

Jeff Ram

Director of Sales NY Workplace

Bay Psychology

"A Dying Art Company was easy to work with, responsive, and worked quickly. Everything that I envisioned for my website was done exactly as I wanted and even surpassed my expectations!"

Sachika Nagasawa

Bay Psychology

Cicada Campfire

"An unbelievably great Wix "experience." Kate at A Dying Art Company happened to be the first person to respond to my Wix expert request, and what was a random referral has now become my new favorite collaborator. I've worked before with good, responsive, technically capable people who built websites for me, but i've never had the kind of creative partner i had in Kate for this project. When i had a visual idea outside the norm, she took it on and made it even better, whether it was colors, fonts, graphics or anything. when we ran into technical barriers, she stayed up late and figured out wonky workarounds few "experts" i know would have ever found. And when i was overwhelmed by doubt that any of this was a good idea, she took the time to talk me off the ledge, while still making my unreasonable deadlines. All this for half the price it would cost anywhere else. I now have the website i had always dreamed about, and the experience was so good, i am going forward with other website ideas i never acted on, just so Kate and I can keep working together.

Highly recommended."

Ted Houghton

Cicada Campfire